Glad to be back after an extended break. This week, I examined the Virtual Jamestown Project. Virtual Jamestown is a website put together by several Virginian universities that was funded back in 1999 by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Virtual Jamestown is a resource for any who wish to conduct a further in depth study of the beginnings of the Jamestown colony in Virginia.

Virtual Jamestown consolidates many primary sources that date to the colony’s founding; such as transcriptions of court records from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. The website also hosts a database of indentured servant records and two labor contracts for two individuals. Also included on the site are interpretive essays, first hand accounts, and a public records section.

Virtual Jamestown also provides educational resources specifically for teachers and several interactive maps. One maps out the spread of settlement and the other traces John Smith’s voyages. The educational resources include pages that detail roleplay scenarios that teachers can moderate with their students, incorporating profiles of historical figures from Jamestown. Other educational resources are sections dedicated to identifying the economic relationships, learning about runaway indentured servants, jobs in Jamestown, the Jamestown Fort etc.

Through interactive maps and the wealth of primary sources transcribed and archived to the website, Virtual Jamestown fleshes out the experiences of the Jamestown colony, utilizing multiple perspectives and 3d sources.

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